Lifeplus compensation plan-part 1

Lifeplus is about making it easier for you to earn a residual income, with your first level paying YOU 25% it wont take you long to earn a residual income.(us/canada/aus)

This is part 1 of 3 and I will explain how you can earn an income with the Lifeplus compensation plan.

Ok lets go, with Lifeplus you need to stay active to receive commissions each month, which is easier than you think. Your requirement to stay active is just 40IP (international points) which is easily done by purchasing just one or several products.

I personally buy the Bio-Basics which is 40IP and is £46.00 delivered to my door, plus I order other great products of course. This is very affordable compared to other companies I have been involved with.

In this example I will do three levels only of the payplan.

Some countries are different see examples below.


Level 1 = 25% of the IP from all your retail customers and your first level associates.

Level 2 = 10% of the IP from all of your level one customers and associates.

Level 3 = 5% of the IP from all of your level two customers and associates. (to receive level 3 commissions you need 3 active customers/associates).

There is a bonus pool available at this stage and to receive shares your required to get 3 active customers/associates with an order of 40IP in your first month, if you get more you receive even more shares, average share is worth 15-25% of the IP.(us/canada/aus)

Theres also two recognition levels,(us/canada/aus)

1. Is believer with a total IP of 500 in your first three levels.

2. Is builder, with a total IP of 1500 in your first three levels.



Level 1 = 25% 

5 x customers/associates 40IP = 200IP x 25% = $50.00

Level 2 = 10%

5 x customers/associates 40IP = 200IP x 10% = $20.00

Level 3 = 10%

5 customers/assocaiates 40IP = 200IP x 5% = $10.00 (qualifacation required)

Bonus Pool 25% x 5 customers/associates = $50.00

Total month residual income = $130.00


Level 1 = 5% 

5 x customers/associates 40IP = 200IP x 5% = £10.00

Level 2 = 25%

5 x customers/associates 40IP = 200IP x 25% = £50.00

Level 3 = 10%

5 customers/assocaiates 40IP = 200IP x 10% = £20.00 (qualifacation required)

Bonus Pool 1% x total group IP of 600 as above (qualifation required) = £6.00

Total month residual income = £86.00

Bonus pool qualifacation, sponsor three or more

new partners in one calendar month, whilst existing

partners remainactive. So if you have three

active partners, and sponsor a further three the next month,

as long as your original three partners keep
ordering you will qualify!


Dynamic Compression

If there are members of your downline who do
not qualify in a given month,

the bonuses ofthose qualifying below them are ‘compressed’
up from the next active partner,

ensuring you still earn bonuses.


Ok so lets recap for a second, when you join Lifeplus and before you even purchase a product you have a FREE business, incuding hosting and with NO admin fee.


To earn commissions monthly just purchase a product or products adding up to 40IP.


Theres only one thing left for me to say, you have no excuse why you can’t start a business today. You will have access to training materials – FREE, you will have support from myself and others in our team – FREE.

Come in and find out!





Why Lifeplus

Here’s a quick description of why I chose Lifeplus.

I wanted a company that has been around for years not months, Lifeplus has been operating since 1992 so it’s already proven itself to be a leader in it’s field. 

Products are the backbone of any company, if they are rubbish people are not going re-buy them monthly, I like products that are cruelity FREE and are available to vegetarians and vegans, this opens up a huge market worldwide. These ingredients that are used are at the highest grade possible, as one guy told me they are better than organic.

Network Companies everywhere charge an arm and a leg just to open an account before you even buy products for yourself, I can handle Companies charging up to £50.00 but I  love Companies like Lifeplus who charge nothing.

Compensation plan has to be easy to understand and reachable (pays 25% on your first level), theres no use working your but off for no reason right? This plan makes me smile, because I can see that everyone can actually make money with lifeplus.

Ok so lets recap:

Company: over 30 years old and counting

Cost of joining: FREE

Products: Highest grade possible (organic) and cruelity free

Compensation plan: Reachable and pays 25% on your first level

If you want to join a team that looks after each other, well come on in. My name is kerry and it’s great to meet you, send me an email to have a chat.