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How would you like to be part of a MLM rotator? 

If your serious about making money online you better keep reading, my name is kerry Gaynor and thats me on the right. I am an entrepreneur with a company called Life Plus and I want to give you the chance to do the same.

We all know how to make money in MLM, you need a growing team right? Well it’s in my best interest to help and support you then, because when you succeed (and you will) I succeed.

It’s a NO brainer!

You can check out Life Plus through the links on my blog, join straight away if you want or email on the form below and I will send you the link of the next person in the rotator.

I play fair so we all succeed!

Once you join under a team mate you too will be placed in this rotator and so on, if we all do something to help each other imagine how big our team will get and how much we can earn.


If your searching for that niche market but your not sure where to look or what to do, look no further because this will blow your mind forever.
Here is a short video from my colleague that you definitely want to watch, sit back relax because your life is going to change.

When you have finished watching this video you probably will want to join our team, here is the link Life Plus.


The opportunity I like

​Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this message, I know you probably  read loads of blogs so I’ll keep this short.

This is what I like in a business opportunity, we may be different but I’m sure we strive after the same thing.

I like free to join opportunities with no hosting fees, I like to be involved with a cruelty FREE company. I like an opportunity where you buy products at wholesale prices, with no selling involved. I like an affordable monthly order with consumable products that actually work.

If you like the same as me then let’s chat, imagine if you could help others do the same.

Come in and find out!!! 

Kind regards,

Kerry Gaynor 



Extra income is a very hot topic in today’s world

don’t you think? I’m sure you have friends and

family that have mentioned in passing, gee wish I had an extra £200 or £300 this month, yes we hear about this a lot more and more these days.  Only if one of my friends or family would win the euro millions right? lol, I’m with you on that one. I would love to tell you that there is a quick way of getting rich, but in reality we have to work hard and budget daily.  

I have a solution for you to help and improve your current situation, the best thing is you can create an account for FREE because there is no admin fees when you join. Wait there’s more, no hosting fees ever with this opportinity and no selling, you get full training and support from all mentors around the world, this includes me (Kerry).

Now don’t get me wrong it will take time to build an online business, some quicker than others but I will guarantee one thing, your never alone in this business, you have support via documents, live videos and much more. 

All you have to do is start, this is the easy part because it’s FREE, first lets get you set up.

Click on this START and once it has opened in a new window, go to associate area and create a FREE account, check out the back office and create your unique associate link, this is the one you will share and get people to sign up.

Remember your not alone when it comes to building a team, we are all here to help you succeed. If you succeed i succeed, it’s in my best interest to support you right?

Send me an email once you have joined and if you have any questions regarding the opporunity please let me know, always here to support you.

Heres my email


To stay active and earn a residual income you must purchase products per month, example I buy Daily Bio-Basics totaling 40IP, which is £46.00 inc delivery. If you can’t afford a monthly order straight away, don’t worry you can still build a team.








Earn a residual income

Do you really want to earn a residual income?

Well you can, yes you really can earn a residual income for life.

First you need to find an opportunity that your interested in, don’t worry if you don’t know much about a paticular subject, you can learn this in time.

Passion and commitment over comes and will give you results.

The good news is that i have done all the hard work for you, I have already found an opportunity that will make you a residual income for life. If your prepared to put the hard yards in and work as a team, well your half way there.

I personally have teamed up with people in the industry that we all have struggled in, thankfully I have been guided and supported in the right direction. What does this mean for you? TIME is what it means, you will be given the recipe for success when you join our team.

Ok so lets get started, email me or you can join through this link Lifeplus Once you have clicked the link it’s FREE to join through the associate area and it’s simple to do.

So you want to earn money right? Well lets earn money together, cause your never alone in this business. All members that join will receive FREE training and be part of our private facebook group where you can chat to people who have been in the industry for over 25 years and more, learn their secrets to success.

Do you need sign ups?

I love working as a team, don’t you?Would you like to build a team where everyone earns? Well keep reading! 

If you want to be part of this huge team building experience, email me and I will send you a team members link who is next inline to receive a new member.

Here’s my email in the subject line type new member.

If you want to be an entrepreneur in an industry that has proven itself for more than 30 years, then you have come to the right place.

Free to join and with no admin fees, full training is supplied at no extra cost. No selling required, get added into our private groups to learn, revise and accomplish.

Team building equals income.

Would you like to be part of a team that helps build each others down line?

If you answered yes, then you better keep reading.

My name is Kerry and it’s great to meet you, I know how hard it is to build a MLM team and earn a residual income. I understand it’s not easy and having patience is definitely the key to success.

My goal is your goal, in MLM everyone must grow their team to earn right? Of course you do, well I’m here to help.

If your reading this and you want to be earning a residual income for life with Lifeplus, then I want you.

This is how I can help you earn, first send me an email introducing yourself with the subject saying lifeplus team build. I will email you back with one of our team members link, everyone who joins our team will have a share of the new sign ups so we all can earn a residual income.

Would you like to earn a residual income?

Would you like a down line that grows and grows?

Did you know this business opportunity cost nothing to join?

Would you like to be part of this?

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